The top fashion retailers have found creative ways to engage customers by differentiating themselves, which has directly impacted sales.

The No.1 thing they have mastered is providing shoppers with a personalized customer experience.


As a result, these retailers are able to:

Increase conversions and cart size

Create repeat customers

Establish engaged brand ambassadors

In a highly competitive landscape you need to stand out and get better at digital sales. 

Puctto has created the platform to do this.

See if a virtual change room would suit your website.

Let the customer be the centre of your shopping experience

A virtual change room allows shoppers to see what your products look like on, merging expectations and reality.


Shoppers can create their complete look and share with friends, giving them the confidence to buy.

Top retailers have an

online customer value journey

 TOP 10% 



Engage the shopper to be the voice of the brand


Stand for human-to-human connection


Educate and build trust


Convert the shopper to a subscriber


Retarget with virtual shopping experiences


Start the experience with the sale




Use expensive advertising campaigns to generate interest


Rely on social media to capture leads online


Jump straight to the sale


Yearn for customer loyalty


Depend on discounts for retargeting


End the digital experience with the sale

Increased Conversions Calculator

Puctto has spent a lot of time identifying the impacts of cart abandonment, returns and bounce rates – so they created a solution to these problems.

Calculate the impact a virtual change room could have on your bottom line.

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Creating confidence to buy 

Shoppers are more likely to buy if they can visualize themselves in an outfit. This confidence increases even more when they receive validation from friends.

 "The ease of being able to share a visual representation of the look or style we’re trying to achieve makes it not only easier to reach out for validation, but indeed it also fits in with the norms of social networking: where acceptance of our choices is actively sought out." 

 Linda Papadopoulous – Behavioural Psychologist 

Complimentary one-on-one demo with Puctto

Want to know why a virtual change room will differentiate your online fashion store, how easy it is to integrate the widget and what the shopping experience will look like for your customers… get the answers from the helpful Puctto Sales Team.

Puctto’s Passionate Fashion Founders

Being a keen online shopper, like so many others, Belinda found it depressing when she bought something, only to try it on to find it looked nowhere near as good as she thought. After talking to other online shoppers and fashion retailers, she decided to fix this shopping dilemma!

 Puctto was born. 

Now every online shopper can upload a photo and virtually try on clothes, eliminating the guess work. Before buying, you can visualise if the colour and style suits, style the outfit and then share the finished look with friends to get opinions.


Outfits can be pre-planned, styled and ready for you to walk out the door, on time and with confidence!


The list is endless... virtually try on jewellery, glasses, bags, wedding bouquets, sewing patterns, all before you buy. Puctto  allows more time for shopping and styling, gone are the days of returning unwanted items.


We are so excited to share Puctto with you.

Crystal McGregor


Belinda Scott


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