The Puctto logo 

Download and use only these approved Puctto assets.

The Puctto Colours

The Puctto logo do's 

R0  G197   B242     |     67C  4M  5Y  0K

R57  G141  B167     |     77C  32M  26Y  1K

R255   G225   B0     |     5C  9M  93Y  0K

R178  G161  B57     |     33C  30M  100Y  0K

R255   G225   B0     |     5C  9M  93Y  0K

R77  G140  B69     |     74C  24M  96Y  8K

R33   G42   B48     |     79C  66M  59Y  64K

Ensure the logo is visible and has clarity

Provide clear space

Don’t add effects

Don’t change the colour

Don’t change the corners

Don’t redraw, distort, rotate or add to

and the Puctto logo don'ts 

What we say 

Shop. Try. Share. Buy.

SHOP online for the latest, hottest fashions.

TRY on items virtually – just upload a photo and you become the model.

SHARE pics with your friends – it’s like they’re in the changing room with you.

BUY with confidence, when you’ve had the thumbs-up from your girl squad.

Puctto Poses

Take brilliant ‘ME’ photos with these Puctto pointers

Let there be light

Lighting is important. Find a light source that shines and flatters. Try to avoid harsh shadows.


It’s what’s underneath that matters

For the best ‘ME’ photos, wear a swimsuit or underwear, so your actual clothing isn’t visible under your Puctto clothing (remember, your ‘ME’ pics are completely private and only accessible to you in your Puctto account).

Strike the Puctto pose

For full-length shots, follow these easy steps:

  • Don’t slouch: make sure that your shoulders are back and relaxed (not hunched). Good posture is the key to a great result.

  • Make sure your arms, legs, feet and torso are facing the camera straight-on. 

  • Get someone to take your photo from about 3-4m (10-12ft) away, directly in front of you and with the camera held at about your waist height.

  • Your feet should be about 20cm (7-8 inches) apart.  

  • Let your arms hang at your sides, slightly away from your body and with relaxed hands.

The right angles

Try a range of different ‘ME’ photos, including a headshot for earrings, glasses and necklaces; your hands for watches and feet for shoes. Some outfits also allow for side and back views.

Tips for SHoppers

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