How do I login to my Puctto account?


Once Puctto has been installed onto your online store, to sign in simply type #puctto at the end of your URL


Then either create an account or sign in.


How to I upload new products to Puctto?


Once you've logged-in, you will see the Puctto 'try on' button next to all of your items in your store. 

please note: At this stage, only you can see the 'try on' buttons. 

 If your products are Puctto-ready, 

 uploading each item is a piece of cake! 

Simply tap the                        button to select the product.

The Puctto visualization tool will slide out from the right

Click on the "Or Upload Your Own" button 


Click on “Choose File” and upload your deep-etched image (making sure it’s photographed front-on, on a transparent background, cropped tightly and saved as a png file)


Click on “Update Product” 

 Repeat for each product. 


Your product is now live and ready for your customers to   






Help Please!


If you need any help, or just want to chat, please make contact via email or via the Chat popup and we'll be in touch within 24 hours (probably sooner :)

help please


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