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J’adore Sunglasses

Say goodbye to micro shades that barely hide your eyes and bonjour to more wearable shapes that combine the new and old with a quirky taste and take on trends. Sunglasses can boost your mood, change your face & style, or hide your tired eyes on a Sunday morning after a night of binge watching Netflix nowadays and walking on your way to brunch. Either way, all pretty good benefits by the sound of it.

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean the sun’s gone - a mantra that not only has me using SPF 50 everyday, but has sweet-talked me into buying numerous pairs of sunglasses all year round and adoring them all, no regrets.

Inspired by the 90s, the Courtney aubergine sunglasses are a no fuss, retro, cat eye frame that inspires a glamorous overall look.

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After the release of “Clueless” in 1995 (yes, great film indeed), the “jazzy rectangles” introduced by costume designer Amy Heckerling changed the rules of fashion and are paving their way back into our wardrobes now. This new and fun aesthetic of sunglasses with transparent bright coloured frames are bringing new ways of making a statement with some bling detail.

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Oversized frames are in this year with a variety to suit every impeccable taste out there. A pulled back hairstyle with these Poppy Lissiman zebra wide side shades, shows off a cool shape, front and profile of your facial features.

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A matrix like adaptation of the micro-sunglasses turns into a bigger and more angular, sharp shape. It’s sleek, it’s loved by supermodels, it goes with everything you own, guaranteed. Definitely my favourite shape this year.

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Try on via Puctto

Belinda Scott, Co-founder of Puctto tried them on and I’ve got to say, my first thought when seeing the post on Insta was “it’s definitely an add to cart type of look!” Check out the try-feed for more trending styles – like the ultra-feminine aviator futuristic flat tops or the retro frame classics; the clean and bright white shades that will pop out from, my guess is, quite far. Sunglasses can definitely be the missing piece to your outfit, so if you can’t find the right ones on the try-feed, leave a comment with the link and we’ll see if we can help you out with trying them on.

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Ernesta, or also known as Nes is a 3rd year Fashion Marketing and Communications student from London. She loves creativity - art, photography, fashion and music. Sharing creative ideas and creating content that is interesting or visually appealing is definitely a path she wants to keep pursuing and has joined the Puctto team to do exactly that.

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