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Zine: Wedding Ready

Updated: Feb 26

We're excited to share with you the first #Tryfeed Zine using the Puctto technology!

This is a world first. From the pages of a digital magazine, all fashion lovers can try on fashion (on a photo of themselves), using our patented Puctto technology.

We have created #tryfeed - a fun little zine featuring fashion from our Puctto Tryfeeds.

Each issue will feature a guest editor.

The Puctto Digital team will also be creating Zines for other fashion retailers - so signup to receive these when they drop.

ENJOY this world first.

Ernesta, or also known as Nes is a 3rd year Fashion Marketing and Communications student from London. She loves creativity - art, photography, fashion and music. Sharing creative ideas and creating content that is interesting or visually appealing is definitely a path she wants to keep pursuing and has joined the Puctto team to do exactly that.

Ernesta Jovarauskaite | ernestajov@gmail.com

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