Are you Puctto-ready?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to have the Puctto visualization tool on your online store.




Puctto is currently only available on the Shopify Platform, with more platforms coming soon!


Our experienced IT team will take care of the install, so Puctto will be ready to load your products. All we need is access to your Shopify store via our collaborate dev teams account.

future: Woo, Wix, Etsy, Magento etc

Now let's get your clothes and accessories 

 ready to try on.




Each try on product photo needs to be photographed front-on with nothing obstructing the item..

Ghost mannequins are ideal!

Nothing in front

Good stance

Close up

Hands and hair in front

Product photographed flat

Standing at

wrong angle

thankyou: Unsplash, iStock, Zimmerman and


Screenshot 2020-04-01 16.45.54.png

Puctto Ready!

& now...

Sequin V Neck Top.png
Screenshot 2020-04-01 16.40.23 copy.png

Remove the background and all parts of the model or mannequin

Remove the ‘back’ of each item

Use only one item for earrings (and shoes) as the change room has a duplicate and flip function

Each try on  product photo needs to have the background removed (or etched), making sure it’s saved on a transparent background, cropped tightly and as a png file.




if you're unable to do this part, don't worry, we can arrange it for you!  (see pricing)

 That's it – too easy! 

 Are you ready? 

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